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Please let me introduce myself - I'm Fiona Hayvice, an elite (vegan) ultra-runner, residing in Wellington. I spend my days juggling motherhood (my son Spike was born in March 2012), managing marketing-comms for our retail business (my husband and I founded YOYO, curating Kiwi-designed Furniture, Homeware and Lighting, in 2011), and training to compete as a top ranking ultra-runner (I’ve represented New Zealand at two World Championships, and I’m currently ranked 16th on the Ultra-Trail World Tour (UTWT)).


Running Ultras - started out purely as a passionate past-time. However, it quickly evolved into what I now fondly refer to as my second job. Almost overnight, I went from unknown to regularly appearing on the podium, both in NZ and internationally. I secured myself a number of gear and nutrition sponsors (listed below), and started representing these brands at every opportunity, both virtually and in person.


Racing Ultras competitively - started at the end of 2015. In 2016, I won the Tarawera Ultramarathon (TUM) 100km, represented NZ (at the Trail World Championships in Portugal), and finished-up the year ranked 5th on the UTWT.


For the past four years, the UTWT has been my primary focus - targeting the Top 10. I’ve earned the honour of competing in Austria, USA, France and Italy, under the UTWT Elite Support Program.   


In the second half of 2019, I changed tack temporarily, moving off the trails and onto the track to represent NZ at the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) 24 Hour World Championships, in Albi, France. I ran 210.134km (a PB of +8km and the most kilometers in the Kiwi team), placing 34th female out of 147, in the World.


Although, this year’s races are currently all up in the air, I continue to train daily and use this “home detention” period to focus on fine tuning. That way, when the “gates” open again, I’ll be ready to hit the ground running! 


Previous race highlights include;



1st female (course record) : North Range Trio - 50km, NZ / 04:47

4th female : Ultra-Trail Australia - 100km, AUS / 12:15

4th female : Tarawera Ultramarathon - 100km, NZL / 10:41



4th female + team bronze medal : IAU 24 Hour Asia and Oceania Championships, TPE / 202.32km

4th female : Tarawera 100 Mile Endurance Run, NZL / 25:19



1st female (course record): Ultra-Trail Tai Mo Shan - 50km, HKG / 07:32

1st overall: Feral Pig Ultra - 50 Miles, AUS / 10:10

5th female: Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, USA / 20:51

6th female: Tarawera Ultramarathon - 100km, NZL / 10:06



3rd female : Mozart 100km, AUT - 105km / 11:12

2nd female : Ultra-Trail Australia - 100km, AUS / 11:33

1st female : Tarawera Ultramarathon - 100km, NZL / 10:34


Aside from racing, I’m active in my local running community;


  • Member of Wellington Scottish Athletics Club since 2016

  • I manage a weekly Run Club at my son's primary school (ages 5 to 12 years). I founded the Club in 2019 with a vision of exposing our young to the joys of trail running. Furthermore, I hope to empower them, and lay foundations for lifelong healthy habits. An optional component for the extra keen runners has been entering the weekend Xterra Wellington Trail Run series - I negotiated reduced entry fees for members (and their parents) to help ensure that all those that wanted to participate, could.

  • For six years, I assisted my friend thrice weekly as a Trainer for her female only running group. I lead the women quite literally all over Wellington, offering encouragement and guidance, and showed them that if you want something bad enough you can make it happen - it was during these years, that I established myself as a world class ultra-runner. Sadly, I had to step down from this role in early 2018, due to my change of living location. However, I’m still regularly in contact with the group using social networks, and when circumstances allow in-person.

  • And now I am proud to be a Coach for Go Run Girls, motivating and guiding other women to reach their running goals.  

Fiona Hayvice

+64 21 419929


 Brands, I currently represent;


  1. @salomonrunning / #timetoplay

  2. @myspringenergy_nzau  / #springtribe / #natureup

  3. @tailwindnutritionnz / #gotailwind

  4. @endurobeet / #endurobeet

  5. @vespa_endurance / #fatisyourfuel

  6. @alpinamente / #alpinamente




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