About Coach Maree and How Go Run Girls was created 

Cam Langsford, Training Tilt founder


I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Running Coach, Event Reviewer, Interviewer, Pilates instructor, Event owner and Manager, 

Blogger, Mother, Wifey, Ultrarunner and Entrepreneur.

And just like you, I have a story of how I started my journey into running.

I would love to share that with you and give you an understanding of why I started Go Run Girls.

I had just had my baby girl Amelia and through the years of trying for her, unfortunately, I went through having 2 stillborn 

babies and a little girl named Katie who passed away at 6 weeks old.

So after a successful birth with Amelia I was at a very unhealthy weight for my frame. Because of the years of absolute devastation of our losses I had gained weight 

and lost myself in the process.

I wanted to turn my life around and I knew the only way to do it was to find something that shifted my weight, something extreme. And I found out that thing was running!

I taught myself to lamp post-run (never run before in my life) and from there on built up to doing my first 6k to now smashing a 100k ultramarathon.

The process was long and tough especially carrying so much weight at first. But from the running came good eating habits and my results progressed. I met some amazing

 people along the way that inspired me and pushed me out the door to train for these massive goals. I finally found myself again and a passion for running, giving my

 body the attention it deserves and achieving some pretty awesome goals along the way.

Over these years  I have taught myself to run long distance, I trained to become a Pilates Instructor, coached running groups, coached college cross country teams and 

studied to become a Personal Trainer. I was also SO lucky to have been a Guide for Achilles NZ team 2016 and travelled to New York for this epic bucket list Marathon. 

I have a massive interest in helping people like me do what they can for their health. Even though my goal was to lose weight I gained so much more from the process. 

A real understanding of my body and how it reacts to certain exercise not just running. What it takes mentally to pull through these tough events not to mention the

amount of commitment needed for the long arduous training sessions.

'I can confirm that for me the mental toughness and growth is by far the best gain I have received through my running'

I feel fortunate that I can go forward and offer my knowledge of not only running but personal stories, tips and tricks I have learnt along the way.

It's tough in today's world to balance everything in life especially when you add running and training into your life. So I came up with Go Run Girls to help guide you through

 and I really hope you pick up something to use in your life and running.

I know we all have our own stories and I am so happy to share my journey with you, going through my darkest time and using it as my motivation plays such a big part in 

who I am today.

Now I am in the spotlight proving to all you girls that anyone can take on the challenge even if running is just to keep you fit.


Is to stay strong, give yourself the attention you deserve and the benefits will come in more ways than one.

Happy running 

x Coach Maree.





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